StudioSelzler is a design, branding & creative practice based in the Dallas, Texas, area.

StudioSelzler is a design, branding & creative practice based in the Dallas, Texas, area.

What /

StudioSelzler focuses on serving clients that are looking for uncommon artistic expression of their brand.

This can take the form of brand identities, campaigns, objects, installations, social strategy + content creation, video, commercials, websites + digital properties, printed media, environments + structures, concept presentations, and a whole assortment of other outputs.

Where /

StudioSelzler operates out of the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, (Southlake) and has served clients around the United States.

Who /

The studio is directed by Stephen Selzler, an artist, designer, and brand developer. Stephen's a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. You can learn more about Stephen here.

Why /

Stephen: "For me, creativity is about giving yourself permission to form the world around you. We live, breathe, work, and play in an environment designed for us, by us – so why not make our world a little more unique, a little more engaging, a little more fun? I use healthy helpings of unbridled joy and reckless ideas as creative fuel. That describes the kind of work I like, anyway, and I think a huge amount of people are attracted to the same things: ambition, surprise, optimism, enthusiasm, happiness, joy, et cetera.

"As I grow this practice and invite other talents to help and contribute, the purpose remains very much the same even when the style and output mediums might bob and weave. If we're not producing work that elicits those joyful, life-breathing responses from people, we're doing it all wrong.

"I think a lot of agencies and creative houses get that wrong often. Too much serious business and cerebral alpha-dogging seems so fake to me, and it more times than not leads to bad creative. I remind myself of a Labrador Retriever that just wants to have fun, and do work that is fun by extension. This studio is the place to produce, experience, leverage, and enjoy the fun work we were always meant to do. That's the vision of this place, anyway."

Who Else /

Clients & Content Partners of the Studio
Park Place Dealerships / Del Frisco's Restaurant Group / Cowboys Golf / Club Corp / UDR / Thiel & Thiel Inc. / Launch Agency / xxiibrands / Vaquero Club / The Baker Hotel & Spa / The Arlington Hotel / MOD Construction Group / Re:defined Coffee Roasters / Frisco Mini Molars / Alliance Construction Management / Mercedes-Benz NA / Bentley Motors Inc. / Highland Park Village / Northpark Center / DWR / Dallas Design District / Chick-fil-A / Shake Shack / Royal Blue Grocery / Homewood Restaurant / Perry's Steakhouse / Regus US

Have You Ever /

Worked for clients on behalf of / under a lead agency?

Worked with other designers, marketers, and artists on collaborative projects?

Responded to a formal RFP?
Sometimes. The preference is for interactions to be slightly less formal and a little more personal. Nonetheless, if you have one, send it along!

Hired others to help at the studio?
Yes! Contact the studio if you'd like to see how you can help.

Been turned down or haggled over pricing?
Sometimes, but the right expectations need to be established up front. This is hard yet extremely rewarding work for both the studio and client, so fair compensation + profit is encouraged and embraced.

Had to give money back to a client?
Yes, once. Great lesson.

Traveled to conference and collaborate with a client on-site?
Often. The studio loves to travel when called to do so.

Produced rich media for broadcast?
It's a specialty of this studio's. Video is powerful and fun to produce.

Been asked too many questions?
Never. Questions are fun!
If you have one that's not listed here,
come say hello.

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