Expressing Your Medical Brand Boldly, Creatively & Artistically


Some of my very first clients were medical practices, which– to be honest –is a perplexing target for a design student fresh out of art school. Why trade in dreams of landing the likes of Coca-Cola, Apple, and Porsche as clients for serving local family practices? Well, maybe it has something to do with identifying opportunity in uncommon places.

The problem I’ve often observed in medicine has little to do with expertise and everything to do with appearances and experiences. Why would any doctor or practice manager create a brand experience that reminds people of, well, going to the doctor? Many local medical providers mirror the experience of going to the DMV – uninspired, utilitarian, and dreadful. We can do better than that!


This studio is a valuable partner in helping doctors think, brand, market, and grow in a way that is contrary to how their peers (and cross-town rivals) are attempting to stand out in their own practices. How we achieve that together for yours begins with a simple premise: your medical brand should be expressed boldly, creatively, and artistically.