Del Frisco's Grille: Cocktails Campaign /

For as long as I have been of legal age, I've viewed alcohol– especially fine liquor and spirits –to be something one would savor and treat with reverence. These elixirs of Liquid Courage™ display incredible complexity and beauty when prepared in even slightly different ways.

And in a time where there's a great renaissance of ye olde drinks being prepared by originalists and mad scientists alike, it's readily apparent to nearly anybody that there's an undeniable artform associated with the cocktail. You can see where this is going.

Del Frisco's Grille approached the studio about creating a series of drawings that capture the likeness of eight new "Instagram-worthy" cocktails to be launched nationwide during Spring/Summer 2018. The idea was to update their menu seasonally with interesting + inspired cocktails, while using art collateral created by this studio to introduce them to the public in an artistic, expressive way through social media posts and digital display ads.

Right up our alley. Cheers!

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Credits /

Stephen Selzler
Art Director

Client /
Del Frisco's Restaurant Group